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Why work with fringe

Why work with me? There’s more to it than just having your website built and many more options when it comes to deciding who to work with. Here are a few of many reasons why you should hire fringe to work with you.

I’m a specialist.

The fact that I only do web development and not any of a dozen or more other areas means that I’m always thinking about and continuing to learn web development–period. What this also means is that I will always be honest with you if I believe there are better ways to achieve the goals of the project when it comes to realizing the design so we can, together, ensure maximum success and bask in the glory.

The things you’re thinking and worrying about when it comes to building your new site are what I live and breathe and lose sleep over so you don’t have to!

I know agencies, designers, freelancers & companies.

Heck, I am a freelancer, I used to be a web designer, and I’ve worked at my fair share of companies. So what I’m saying is I get it. I understand the various needs, processes and constraints you all face, and so I always do my very best to keep things running smoothly and quickly.

I’m a really good listener, question asker & communicator.

In the beginning I will listen to all of your needs and project requirements and make sure I understand your goals and challenges. Throughout working together, I will keep you constantly updated on progress and what’s happening, and I will always speak candidly and openly about what functionality will be best to accomplish your goals so your projects can go as planned, and happen on-time and on-budget.

I’m a one-man dynamo.

I’m flexible, agile and fast and I’m just another member of your team. I’m also very creative (hey I’m left-handed) and often bridge the gap between the business, design and development types. If you think I’m fast when it comes to responding to that new, shiny potential work email, I’ll make your head spin when it comes to how fast I complete client revisions.

I love what I do.

And it shows in my work and your project. I love that every project throws me unique challenges. Sometimes, I get so engrossed in working on your project that I forget to eat meals–no joke! I live and breathe creating new things on the web and I’m always learning new things to better serve you.

Service & support you’ve only dreamed about.

No seriously. I take great pride in the level of service and support I provide. I will never pull a Houdini on you and disappear. I’m always available to you and am one phone call or email away if you run into trouble–typically within 48 hours.

Your clients are my clients.

You have complete buy-in from me on your project. I care about the results of every project I have the opportunity to work on and I do my best to over deliver on my portion of the load to ensure success.

I’m also a bit odd when it comes to being a web developer as you can unleash me, with no fear, on your clients to provide any necessary training and you know what–I’ll even provide documentation! I’m very comfortable in working with and training clients and I go out of my way whether it be a CMS or other techie topic to make it simple to understand and work with.

Relationships matter to me.

I’ve always been more of a long-term relationship kind of guy. If you’re looking for a chop shop or code monkey, I’m not your guy. I fully invest myself in all of my clients projects and enjoy working closely with you, building strong relationships along the way.