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Plain and simple, I offer one service to my clients and do it exceptionally well–web & WordPress development.

I can help you build your client’s site if you’re an agency or designer, redevelop an existing site or even make minor changes to your site underneath the hood to improve the accessibility, SEO, speed, and overall experience for your customers if you’re a company, without the investment of a complete redesign.


I can build your site using the most current web development techniques and languages (check out the source code and CSS of this site to see the full gamut of HTML5 and CSS3 in action), which has some great benefits and value, or develop your site more old school based on your clients needs.

With every site I build, I focus on simple and elegant code that is semantic, accessible, and is built for solid SEO. I am also always learning and stay current with all the latest happenings when it comes to development, so your projects will always benefit from being built on a progressive and future-forward framework.

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Mobile & Responsive Development

If you’ve been paying any attention to the latest developments then you’ve heard of responsive design. If you haven’t, responsive design encompasses designing and building sites that are flexible and scale and flow to the width of the browser window (resize your browser right now to see it in action), no matter the device–the site will look great across many devices.

Developing responsive sites requires a different way of approaching both web design and development, and I gladly offer my experience in this realm. I highly recommend building sites responsively, as it is not only the most cost effective way for companies to have a site that will work and look good on the greatest number of devices (smartphones, pads, laptops, desktops), but let’s face it, people are increasingly going online on all sorts of devices, and you can’t afford to not keep up and meet them there.

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WordPress is a wonderful CMS, and I can tweak and customize WordPress to fit your exact needs. I have done everything from your typical blog to the more complex real estate listings site.

Every client has a unique site and I tailor each WordPress install to the nth degree for each one. Additionally, I’m happy to personally train you or your clients on how to use it and provide supporting documentation as well.

Whether you need a CMS for your new site or you are sick of your current one or don't have one at all, I can help you in either situation.

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Every project includes as much or as little as you need: